Post Contract Quantity Surveying Work
We offer post contract services after a contractor has been appointed.

Gavin Plews, RQSS lead QS is a highly skilled and professional quantity surveyor whom has all the attributes and skill necessary to take your project forward. 

The professional services we offer as a quantity surveyor at this stage of any project can be found here.

Our reputation precedes us when it comes to cost management. Through consultation and direct questioning we are able to determine the balance a project requires taking into account cost, quality and time.

Each component is intrinsically linked and only through a thorough brief can the balance be determined.

Financial Control / Cost Management
Our experience and relationships with external agencies give us an edge that can be the difference
your project needs in being a success.

Having experience with contracts from £1000 up to £20,000,000 you can rest assured that we give you viable
options suited to your project.
Subcontractor Procurement
RQSS as a fully qualified quantity surveyor can set out a regime for interim and final payment to the contractor.

We take responsibility for calculating and certifying the amount to be paid and are able to carry out monthly valuations of work-in-progress in order to make stage payments to the contractor.
Our sphere of valuation carries over into variations which involves the omission of work originally included in the bill of quantities and any additional work that is executed in its place.

Consideration of any variation is separated from the initial valuation and their net values carried forward to a general summary. These variations will be included in the interim valuations.

We create carefully planned instructed changes on behalf of the client regarding the progress of the project relating to time and cost and the impact that any changes may have on the project. Often this includes the relevant programme evidence which is categorically filed throughout the project.

Assess – Advise – Predict – Instruct – Action – Correlate – Control

Valuation of instructed changes and associated time
As a competent quantity surveyor we can provide the service of a final account agreement. This includes all works required from the final account preparation, submission and any subsequent agreement which is conducted for both the main contractors and sub-contractors.

Accurate and timely updates are made to the client ensuring we provide high levels of customer service at all times.
Final Account Agreement

Using our experience and calling on a wide range of suppliers which we have developed very good relations, we are able to source the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to the project.

RQSS will consult with all agencies involved and give the client a breakdown of which supplier would be the most effective at the time of the project, ensuring the KPI’s are met.


Our experience has shown that we can facilitate your project needs through careful procurement management.

Material Procurement